Relationship Break Ups; How To Know When We've Healed Our Broken Heart

When we’ve performed the miracle of Alchemy and transmuted the pain and destruction of a break up into peace and a new beginning for us

When we’ve reached the place where we have no anger, malice, or bitterness towards the other person

When we’ve been able to find closure on our own, even if the other person never gave us any closure or explanation for leaving us

When we’ve spent time alone living through the pain of the broken heart and used that pain to our advantage as fuel to power our own healing

When we’ve spent that time in solitude examining ourselves and unpacking our relationship baggage, and reached the understanding that a relationship breakdown is a two way street. When we have taken personal responsibility for anything we contributed to the relationship falling apart

When we understand that ‘REJECTION IS PROTECTION‘. If another person rejects us, sometimes the Universe removes them from our lives for a very good reason

When we have been able to take that person off the pedestal that we once had them on. No one wants to be on a pedestal; no one can ever meet the expectations of being put on a pedestal

When the thought of bumping into that person in public no longer brings up fears that we might accidentally vomit and run away in fear, crying our eyes out

When we understand that if someone wants to go in a different direction. We MUST let them go. We can not hang on to someone who wants to be somewhere else, even if it hurts us to see them go. We MUST respect their decision to leave

When we understand that if someone ghosts us or leaves us hanging in the wind, it is a reflection of who they are as a person and the level of emotional maturity they are at in life, and it is not a reflection of our own value and worth as a person

When we would rather be alone, than treated like sh*t (please pardon my French). When we have learned to love ourselves and will never again accept anything less than what we deserve

When we understand that if the relationship fell apart, it was built on a foundation of sand. No relationship will ever succeed if it is not built on a rock solid foundation of love and honesty. Any relationship that is built on lies and deceit must fall apart eventually like a cheap and flimsy house of cards

When we understand that once we fully close an old door, then a new door will open. We can’t be emotionally available to a new person until we fully release the old person. The Universe will bring the perfect person in for us, but that person can’t come until there is room for them in our heart

When we no longer have the desire to snoop on their Social Media, or care if that person looks at our own Social Media

When we are actually content at the thought of the other person being truly happy and well in their life even if they chose another person

When we’ve stopped checking for emails or text messages from them, and when we have no desire to send them messages either

When instead of crying in pain on our bed laying in the fetal position every day, the actually day comes when no tears are shed. And that day with no tears turns into days with no tears, then weeks with no tears. When finally all of the tears have been cried

When we begin to get excited

When we start to dream, and think about what our new life will look like

When we focus completely on ourselves and our own goals with the realization that the world is our oyster and we have the ability to make our life look whatever we want it to look like

When we know that person no longer has the power to hurt us, and we have no longer have the desire to retaliate and hurt the other person either

When ultimately we have done the soul searching and hard work to fully find forgiveness; forgiveness for the other person as well as forgiveness for ourselves

Prairie Sky Wellness

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