Update – Binaural Beats For Helping Brain Injury Symptoms

***Update***here is a link to my original post on November 21/2019

I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on September 21/2019. The last two and a half months have been a very rough road during this time of recovery. Some of the most significant symptoms I have been experiencing are, major pain due to nerve damage, various body parts going numb and cold, depression, negative personality changes, and inability to sleep.

The most alarming symptom I have from the TBI is losing the ability to recognize speech, and the inability to recognize music. I can hear fine, the volume is ok, however, I experienced losing the ability to understand anything people are saying. I can see that people are talking, and I can hear them, but what’s coming out of their mouth sounds like a bunch of garbled awful noise, and music does not sound anything like music to me.

I began using Binaural Beats a few weeks ago after doing some research about the possibility that they could help me with the symptoms of TBI. Here is a link to the first post I wrote about using Binaural Beats that I wrote on November 21/2019.

I have continued to use them and noticed something very significant and promising. The Binaural Beats are absolutely helping me with the pain I am experiencing from the nerve damage that I had from the brain injury. I’ve noticed a very positive correlation when listening to the Binaural Beats whenever I’m experiencing the indescribable low thudding high level nerve pain. Any time I notice the pain level getting high, I listen to the Binaural Beats for about half an hour and a miracle happens! Very quickly the pain goes away. If not completely away, it goes down to a manageable level. I also notice right away that my mood improves and the depression lifts. Another positive result of the Binaural Beats is that after I have a session of listening to them I feel relaxed and tired, and as a result I’m usually able to sleep. One of the biggest problems while recovering from a TBI is the inability to sleep, and I also feel that the horrible depression is mainly the result of being unable to sleep due to the pain I am in.

As far as I know, I am not sure if the Binaural Beats are helping me to recover speech recognition or the recovery of the ability to hear music. I am definitely noticing improvements, but these improvements could just be the result of my brain healing. I have gone from not being able to hear a darned word, and needing to communicate by people writing notes to me, to hearing individual words now. This is a good sign, I still am having difficulties understanding what the words mean when they are strung together in a sentence, however, I can hear the words individually and I understand their meaning.

Below is the link to the video on YouTube of the Binaural Beats I have been using.

In conclusion I can say with confidence that using Binaural Beats significantly improve my pain symptoms. I notice it working quickly to get rid of the pain, and so far, Binaural Beats have been the only thing that I have found that are able to help with the pain. Plus the other significant thing I notice is that I am able to sleep comfortably after listening to them as well as a noticeable lifting of my mood.

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