Intuition and Boundaries…

It is so important to use our intuition when it comes to other people. If we feel like someone is using us, then we are being used.

If we feel that someone is treating us poorly, then they are treating us poorly. Never turn a blind eye to the red flags that our intuition gives us about other people.

Our intuition always knows when our boundaries are being violated. It’s vital to trust that inner compass; it is our special gift that guides each of us in life.

Intuition is never wrong when it comes to the inner knowing when others are violating our boundaries. Listening to our gut feeling about people, and situations can save us many problems and waste years of our precious time, money, and love on someone who is toxic. Someone who only wants us for what we can do for them, rather than wanting us and appreciating us for who we actually are.

Prairie Sky Wellness

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