Halloween Madness!! Meet My Demon Cat

By Jen Zmurchyk – Prairie Sky Wellness

Miss Grizz…pure evil in a seemingly sweet kitty body!!

Last year on Halloween, my son took this picture of our kitty Miss Grizz. Obviously it is a trick of the camera but wow, the picture creeped us all out with her seemingly demon eyes.

Normally she is very sweet, kind, loving and isn’t a jerk like some cats. Though the odd time she likes to poop on my bed for some reason, and occasionally when we are cuddling her she will bite our noses. However for the most part she is the sweetest thing on the planet.

Miss Grizz…just chillin out on one of her non-demon days

According to myth and legend, dogs are our protectors from bad things in the physical world and cats are our protectors from bad things in the spirit world. I am sure that I’m not the only cat owner who has observed these sweet little creatures running around chasing things that we can’t see; swatting at the air as if nothing is there. In Russia it is tradition for a new home owner to let a cat roam around in the empty house for a couple of days to get rid of any evil spirits before moving in.

The ‘non demon’ version of Miss Grizz

Cats are a funny creatures. They are sweet and for the most part loyal pets that are very cute and loveable. But at the same time they will happily catch a small animal, and gleefully torture it for hours before finally deciding to eat it. A cat is a creature of extreme duality.

So is Miss Grizz part demon? Likely not. However, one can’t be too sure this time of year during Halloween season when the veils between worlds are thin.

Happy Halloween, and may your kitties not turn into creepy demon cats like Miss Grizz….

Prairie Sky Wellness

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