A Stunning Blue Jay Brings The Message Of Humility, Pride, And Ego

by Jennifer ZmurchykPrairie Sky Wellness

The stunning plumage of the Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) one of the three species of Jays found in Canada.

I feel very fortunate to live in Canada. It is a country full of wide open spaces containing a wealth of wildlife.

I spend time each morning on my deck with a nice cup of hot coffee and I usually see some kind of special bird or animal. This mornings treat? A stunning Blue Jay that flew up onto my fence, looked at me, then hopped into my backyard and strutted around a bit. After pecking in the grass for a while, it flew away being sure to boastfully show me it’s amazing plumage.

“Shamans teach that Blue Jay represents our ego and pride. They have an arrogant Spirit and sometimes prey on other nests for their food. The balance to this is that Blue Jay is an opportunist. He reminds us to treasure what we have and watch for those open doorways. You do not have to be a “victim” of the world. Blue Jay teaches us how to use our abilities with wisdom, remaining present and attentive in our daily life”.

What Is My Spirit Animal

The odd thing about this little winged messenger was that when researching the spirit animal meaning of the Blue Jay, I realized it was the second time today that I had come across information regarding humility, pride, and ego. Spirit seemed to be telling me that I needed to think about where arrogance and pride are blocking me from moving forward in life.

Blue Jays (Cyanocitta cristata) are native to North America, and are a protected species in Canada

The ego plays a huge role for us as people. It is very useful in some situations where we are threatened or are in danger. For example, if an aggressive dog is looking to attack us, it is the ego that makes us run from it.

The main function of the ego is to protect us, however it is a tricky thing because if we allow ego to take over our lives then we become stuck.

Trapped in fear; unwilling to move or change.

The ego wants us to stay stuck. It does not understand our hearts and spirits. The main objective of the ego is safety and comfort at all costs. It does not care if we are in toxic situations that we need to get out of. The ego uses fear to do it’s work, and it does not wish for us to change the status quo. It also uses pride and arrogance as a protective measure to keep us from ascending to live from the higher mind.

Worry, selfishness, control, anger. All of these emotions originate with the ego.

Part of the ascension process is learning how to rise above the ego. The ego is very useful in many situations if we are in danger, however the problems come when we allow the ego to rule our lives. Integrating the ego and learning to live from the higher self while listening to our hearts and souls rather than living from the lower self is a challenge.

The problem with the ego? It will fight us every step of the way when we make the decision to transcend it. It does not willingly take a back seat in our lives without a fight.

The ego wants explanation always in order to assert its existence. Try to live without the ego. Whatever must come to you will come. Don’t worry! Don’t allow yourself to be led astray by the ravings of the animus. He will try every stunt to get you out of the realization of stillness which is the self.

Carl Jung
Gray Jays (a relative of the Blue Jay) are Canada’s National Bird.

So the takeaway from my encounter with the Blue Jay today is understanding where in life I need to be more humble.

What areas am I still allowing myself to be controlled by fear and worry?

Where do in life do I continue to play the role of the ‘victim’?

How do I learn humility and surrender control of my life to whatever God and the Universe has planned for me?

How can I continue the process of transcending my ego and instead listen to my heart and intuition when making decisions?

These are all monumental questions for any of us to ponder, however to live a life being ruled by the ego is not a happy one. It is one of illusions, wearing masks, hiding, and avoiding truths.

Once the ego can be controlled, then we are able to live a life of inner peace, tranquility, and stillness. A life where our spirit and higher mind are guiding us through wisdom and truth without fear.

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    1. Yes for some reason there are a lot of Blue Jays around my area this year, and they are absolutely beautiful. However, I do a lot of birdwatching and the thing with Blue Jays is yes they are gorgeous, but they are little jerks and pick on other birds a lot. Lol…

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